Benefit of Christianity Summary

Purpose: To evaluate the benefit of religion on general well-being and specific aspects of daily living in healthy populations.   Methods: Studies were reviewed that evaluated well-being in peer-reviewed medical literature from 1966 to present identified using search terms in PubMed and Google Scholar. Articles were limited to those evaluating Christianity or religion in historically Christian countries.  Results: There was a positive effect of religion in the lives of generally healthy individuals, seen in all age groups (10 years and older), both genders, African-American and Caucasian races and included improvements in general well-being, sense of community, purpose, satisfaction, hope, and ability to forgive. Benefits were observed in specific areas of life such as family, career and socialization.  Conclusions: Religion, and Christianity in particular, provides enhanced well-being across various age and ethnic groups for general well-being and specifically in relationships and career.