Bible Study Methods Summary

Background: There is little prospective data available analyzing the utility of the study of Christian scripture on personal well-being. Objective: To evaluate the effect of a Bible study method training program on the well-being within a Christian community environment. Methods: Wellbeing surveys were conducted before and after a 4-week Bible study program. Results: Fifty subjects were randomized and 46 completed this study, of whom 33 were in the active-intervention and 13 in the control group. When both groups were compared to baseline there were differences in the active group consisting of improved general well-being, confidence and ability to study the Bible, as well as several individual items of knowledge derived from the study materials related to improved comfort and security in the subject’s relationship with God. Discussion: This study suggests increases in short-term well-being can be achieved by studying scripture. More research is needed to explore the results in a sick population.