Thank you for your interest in the Teleios Bible Study Program! We are very pleased you want to study the Bible. Research has shown Christianity can improve your overall wellbeing as well as contentment, peace, sense of purpose, confidence and your relationship with God. Complete the eligibility questionnaire below to possibly participate in an in-depth, one-on-one, 4-week Bible study (1 hour/week by phone).


Dear Potential Participant:

The goal of this survey is to assess your eligibility to participate in a personalized Bible study instruction program.

Please answer the following questions. An administrator will contact you if you are eligible to participate in a personalized Bible study instruction program.

After this, please provide the following information so we may contact you to let you know you have qualified.

Disclaimer Participating in a Teleios arranged Bible study does not imply a relationship between Teleios and the student for any future activities, employment or payment. The Bible study relationship is only between the teacher and the student and not with Teleios. Teleios is not responsible for what instructors teach or any perceived results from their teaching. Each student is responsible themselves to pursue God as well as learn and test scripture.

Each party is free to discontinue the study at any time. Completion of the program does not guarantee any level of biblical knowledge, future employment as a missionary or pastor, or extend credit from an accredited school.