Biblical Speech Survey Summary

Biblical speech – With biblical input and thinking, we will find it much easier to speak in a fashion that loves people and pleases God. However, biblical speech patterns do not come naturally. How do we do it?
Think before you speak – Before you meet with somebody consider specific ways that you can express gratitude, as well as compliment and encourage them. This may not seem natural to some. However, if we don’t consider encouragement ahead of time then generally it will not happen. Be specific in your commendation and thankfulness; the more precise the better.
Spiritually, plan ways to encourage or push your colleague on in Christ whether by discussing or encouraging through a Bible verse, teaching other people (formally or informally) or sharing the gospel. 
We are all busy, if we don’t think about positive biblical speech ahead of time, we generally won’t do it. Think about it!
Ask questions – If you do not know how to encourage someone then ask them questions or search their on-line presence! 
People love to talk about themselves. The more questions you ask, and the deeper the follow-up questions, presented in an interested and genuine way, the more you will learn about your colleague, spouse, boss, friend or new acquaintance. They will think you are wonderful and the extra knowledge will help you better pray for them as well as help and encourage them.
Biblical speech is key to a functioning, effective loving Body of Christ. That is not to say that we talk about godly things, encouraging others and expressing gratitude all the time. However, we should endeavor to keep the environment in which we meet people controllable and generate enough profitable speech that the overall atmosphere is productive and biblically based, even if you’re discussing football and recipes at the same time.