Christian Counseling Survey Summary

Teleios conducted a survey regarding the experience and impressions of Christian counseling among young believers using an Instagram account frequented by Christian adolescents and millennials. Of the 235 respondents the majority were: female (71%), 18-34 years (77%), and from the United States (58%).

Participants overall viewed Christian counseling as positive with 9% currently in counseling, 7% stating they had been in therapy before and would start again and 30% indicating they have never been in counseling, but planned to go. Overall, 22% reported they had seen a Christian counsellor.

Further, 27% said that every Christian should be in counseling or go sometime in their life; while 35% indicated they should go only for specific problems.

The greatest benefit of counseling (of all respondents) was: it saved their life (6%), it improved depressive symptoms (8%), it helped them recover from a psychological illness (3%) or from addiction (1%), it reduced anger (8%), or improved relationships (11%).

Spiritually, counselling helped participants seek God through prayer, fellowship, knowledge of the Bible or praise (about 10% in each case), but was less assistance in causing participants to teach the Bible to others (3%) or spread the gospel (4%). 

Wellbeing did not differ statistically between respondents for any question (P>0.05).

The results of the survey suggest that among young Christians, Christian counseling seems helpful and popular. Counseling often appears to improve mood and seeking God in a biblical manner except for Christian outreach to others. Average wellbeing was not different among participants depending if they had prior or current counseling or if they desired counseling in the future.

More research is needed specifically regarding the outcomes of Christian counseling and ways to further benefit patients.