Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) – Dallas, TX  

Teleios collaborates with D. Scott Barfoot, PhD, the Director of Doctor of Ministry Program, in teaching research methods and the results and as well as the significance of Teleios’ research results to D.Min students.

Teleios has worked with Dr Barfoot as well in assessing leadership issues and wellbeing within the Christian community. We have explored: how churches utilize leadership; the influence of church leadership on congregant wellbeing; and the influence of church on wellbeing in adolescents and millennials.

  1. A biblical theology and pastor survey on local church leadership
  2. Influence of church leadership on congregant wellbeing
  3. Influence of church on wellbeing in adolescents and millennials

Grace Community Church (GCC) – Bartlesville, OK

GCC is an independent biblically adherent church pastored by W. Rod MacIlvaine, DMin. Teleios collaborates with GCC on numerous wellbeing surveys and prospective studies conducted in church exploring such topics as: wellbeing, sharing the gospel, outreach, guilt, biblical knowledge and adherence.

  1. The apologetic value of religion and wellness studies
  2. The apologetic significance of religion and wellness studies
  3. The effect of Bible study on wellbeing
  4. Pastors’ attitudes towards Biblical exhortations in church-based ministry
  5. Bible-adherent pastor mentality and the tension between the Christian message and society
  6. Elements of church life that may contribute to wellbeing
  7. Association of strength of religious adherence to quality of life measures
  8. Association of strength of community service to personal wellbeing
  9. The influence of guilt on wellbeing
  10. Explaining the gospel and wellbeing among Christian evangelicals

Chosen People Ministry (CPM) – New York, NY 

Chosen People Ministries exists to pray for, evangelize, disciple, and serve Jewish people everywhere and to help fellow believers do the same. Collaboration planned for 1st quarter 2019. Stay tuned…

Uncharted Ministries – Plano, TX 

Uncharted is privileged to tell personal stories of the persecuted believers we serve in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and beyond. Collaboration planned for 1st quarter 2019. Stay tuned…