Influence of Church on Wellbeing – Summary

This study evaluates the associations of the church, as well as its members and leadership to wellbeing in adolescents and Millennials. Subjects were surveyed about their background, personal wellbeing, their Christian walk and how church affected their wellbeing. In total, 884 participants were surveyed of which the majority of participants: attended church 4 or more times/month (80%); were female (73%); age 18-30 (39%); lived in the USA (56%); and were evangelical (77%). The 3 greatest church influences on wellbeing were: prayer (59%); spiritual growth (56%); and praise and worship (54%). The 3 most influential factors from church leadership on wellbeing: Bible-based teaching and preaching (75%); Bible-based speech (51%); and powerful biblical vision for the church (44%). The survey results indicate that the church today is influencing the personal wellbeing of youth and Millennial believers around the world. Young people from both age groups and geographical regions are devoted to God and to their local church. Overall the participants have good wellbeing and hold a positive attitude toward their church and church leadership.