Encircled by Evil? Encourage the GOOD! Part 1

Thank you for visiting my blog. I want to take a quick break from our series exploring the exciting results of Teleios’ research to discuss the intense cultural wars that Christians face. This week let us consider the oppressive forces we face.

Christians in the United States have many blessings with which to serve God including: freedom of expression and assembly, a pro-Christian president and administration, safety within our shores, amazing access to electronic knowledge sources and communication, unprecedented financial wealth, wonderful biblical learning tools, and a robust church all of which provide opportunities for wellbeing, fellowship, learning and service. However, as in every past and future generation, Christians face challenges to our community and freedoms.

Our enemies – We are surrounded by a totalitarian, big-government culture which hates us. This should not surprise us because Christ promised the world would hate us (John 15:18-24).  

I struggle to coin a name for these forces, but they have evolved from the historical political left and now manifest strong elements of socialism, one-world totalitarianism, and atheism. For this blog, I will call them “globalists” because I believe the term encompasses the characteristics noted above.

The globalists’ hatred is visibly demonstrated by the current violence, death threats, and verbal abuse against Christians and against a president who supports Christian values, as well as law and order. Indeed, it appears the unified underlying motives driving the evil intentions of the globalists, is their hatred of Christ and biblical principles. Sadly, they generally promote:

·       Eliminating Christian access to the public square

·       Limiting free speech

·       Early sexual exposure

·       Abortion

·       Race-based bigotry

·       Blurring of the genders

·       Men using women’s restrooms

·       Destruction of borders to dilute American society and its exceptional benefits

·       Forcing jihadi immigration into America to destroy our culture

·       Jihadi violence against women and homosexuals, and mutilation of young girls

Their goal – Globalists replace individuality and personal freedoms by demanding that each person depends on the government for their job, residence, social benefits, and wellbeing. They fight to replace God, communities and family with an all-powerful government.

Their Methods – In short, ‘Just shut up!’

Christians often mistakenly believe that globalists think like we do, based in the same values, and try to engage in the public square in a mutually respectful way. Nothing could be further from the truth! While Christians generally treat others and their views respectfully, globalists use repressive tactics with an ‘ends justify the means’ ethic to destroy those with whom they disagree.

So what are their specific methods of culturally cleansing Christians?

·       Shame – The classic argument from a humanistic standpoint is that Christians are narrow-minded, unloving, judgmental people in contrast to globalists who are all accepting of all and everything. In reality, however, globalists themselves are very narrow-minded and inflexible in their views, and condemn strongly those who disagree with them.

·       Intimidation – They seek to silence us by threatening violence and verbal abuse.

·       Name calling – Of course, any disagreement with a globalist earns one a title of homophobic, racist, misogynist, anti-science or fascist. They cover their own agenda by calling us exactly what they are themselves.

·       Corruption (anything is fair) – They intend to eliminate our influence in the public square by using voter fraud and by forced integration of migrants to dilute our communities, destroy our liberty, and depress our Christian culture.

Thank you for reading my blog. Quite a challenge, but we have a big God! May we be people of faith! Join me again next week as we discuss what our reaction should be!

WC Stewart

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