Gospel and Wellbeing – Summary

The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact on a subject’s well-being if they explain the gospel* to non-believers or keep the gospel personal. Subjects were surveyed on questions related to: well-being that appear in Scripture; activities or held biblical beliefs that help guide the Christian faith; and fear. There were 370 participants. They had high ratings for well-being (contentment, personal peace, joy, and sense of purpose). Almost all (96%) feared explaining the gospel to others because they do not know what to say (56%) or they might offend a non-believer (28%). Participants who indicated they explained the gospel once a month or more had better well-being ratings (P<0.007). This study showed practicing Christians have high well-being. Although Christians may fear explaining the gospel with others, those who do display better well-being than those who do not share.
*Defined as having obtained salvation by receiving forgiveness of sins through faith in Christ sacrifice on the cross.