God versus the state (who’s your daddy?)

The primary mission of this blog is to demonstrate through scientific research that the Bible is valid and worthy as a guide book to salvation and the conduct of our lives. We hope the information we provide encourages your individual faith and boosts your individual confidence in God’s word.

However, the whole of Christianity, not just individuals, is involved in a broad cultural battle.  On one side are Christian people who generally seek to obey and support the government, serve God, work hard, raise good children and faithfully execute all their responsibilities in the context of enjoying the freedom to pursue their own lives and God.

On the other side are non-believers who generally reject the Bible and scoff at Christians for being moralists and weak individuals. However, despite their claims of moral superiority, non-believers also have a god on whom they depend to provide them strength and direction to live their lives. I propose that their god is the State.

The State’s doctrine is based in its desire for power over people, so it detests God, Christ, and their representatives on earth, the church. The State believes that it should provide and control all things. Therefore, each person should be individually tethered to the government, not their own family or local community.

In this way believers in the State can have freedom “from things” (as opposed to freedom “do to things”) and can maintain at least a minimal sustenance in life.  The State’s provision of a regulated community, which after collecting high taxes to support bureaucratic jobs, is a small place to live!

Aside from hatred of God, what else could explain such destructive behaviors as:
  • killing infants
  • sending pedophiles into women’s restrooms
  • giving condoms to teenagers to encourage under-aged and multi-partner sex
  • encouraging illegal migrants to settle, dilute and destroy the culture of regions characterized by traditional values
  • repressing free speech through political correctness
  • encouraging welfare
  • destroying marriage and religious education of children, and
  • allying with a religion that openly plans to kill Christians and massacre the very institutions which empower State-believers?

These behaviors uniformly will destroy our Christian heritage and culture and drive all people to depend on the State.

In a few weeks citizens will go to the ballot box to decide the future of our country. The philosophical differences between the two major political parties are distinctly clear although muddled somewhat by the reputation of the candidates.

One party and its presidential candidate stand for traditional American values of hard work, dependence on family, and private job creation, and promises to protect Christianity and provide a culture of freedom which allows for self-expression.

The other major candidate and party stand for a larger government and more regulations that will: invade our lives, raise our kids, control the workplace, raise taxes, reduce individual opportunity and personal savings, restrict small business formation and hamstring private-sector job creation.

History shows that large states hate biblical Christianity. Unfortunately, when a powerful state crushes freedom of religion and speech, it is very difficult to ever regain once more. That is why the United States was founded originally, as a beacon of freedom to the world, based on freedom of self-determination, speech and religion.

Please consider carefully this November what the parties and candidates represent in regards to freedom and Christianity. To avoid voting for one candidate because they do not represent all your views potentially propels the other candidate to victory.  Choose wisely to elect candidates who will best preserve the biblical values we hold dear. We pray that God will help us and bless our beloved United States of America.

WC Stewart

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