God’s Lead Survey

Teleios conducted a survey about God’s leadership on two Instagram accounts frequented by Christian adolescents and millennials. There were 437 responses. The majority of responders were: < 35 years (80%), and primarily from the United States (55%) or Europe (9%). The respondents identified themselves primarily as evangelical (71%) or social Christians (23%).

A plurality of participants noted that the extent of God’s leading, minute to minute, in their lives was continuous (46%) whereas slightly fewer (28%) indicated He provided direction in life by the Holy Spirit who uses knowledge of His word as a believer acts in faith. Another 18% were unsure.

Further, 53% said God holds a distinct plan for their life which He would implement; while another 20% said God’s plan would only occur if they were obedient. In contrast, 12% expressed that there was no distinct plan but a Christian acts in faith and obedience, having freedom to decide their own path in life.

Most believers indicated God leads them by His word (58%) and the Holy Spirit (51%) while slightly fewer (25%) stated He directs them by their emotions.

When asked the basis of their belief in how God leads is actually correct, 30% said they felt it was right, 25% knew from their experience and 20% from a Bible reference.