Homeschool Survey Summary

Teleios Research surveyed young Christians on the Instagram account GodsHolyScriptures. There were 404 total participants of whom: 55% were female, 78% were under 18, 83% were from the United States, and 68% identified themselves as evangelical Christians.

Our survey noted that 81% percent were/are educated in public schools. In contrast, 5% were/are educated in Catholic and 6% in Protestant schools. Further, 2% were/are homeschooled with 1% using a secular and 1% a Christian curriculum.

The wellbeing of all students was relatively high at 4.6 (0 – 6 rating scale with 6 being the highest) with no differences noted between public and private education (P=0.18). Further, students seem to rate their education positively at 4.3, again with no differences between public and private education (P=0.44). However, there was an approximately 15% increase in those being educated in public schools who would choose to educate their own children privately (P>0.05).

These survey results are important because they indicate to the church that despite the availability of homeschooling and private education options, the vast majority of Christian students are being educated in public schools. This suggests the importance of church and family involvement in public school curriculum and teacher hiring.