Question: What do you hope to gain from your internship with Teleios?

Answer: I was excited to start my internship with Teleios. While practical research experience is something I knew I would gain, I was primarily interested in gaining more biblical wisdom and learning more about how that wisdom is and should be applied within the realm of psychology. Many people compartmentalize their faith for the rest of their lives and never realize that it is, and should be, intertwined with all aspects of everyday life. After learning more about who Teleios is and what their intentions are, I knew I would have the opportunity to show others the impact that Christian faith has in our lives and daily interactions.

A little bit about Nyra J –


I am currently a junior at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. I’m originally from Memphis, TN and never anticipated that I’d be spending 4 years on top of an icy mountain, but I am so very thankful and grateful that I am. I am studying Biblical studies with a minor in psychology and hope to I hope to get both my Master’s in counseling and also my Masters of Divinity. I’ve always wanted to know more about God, His scripture, and learn more about His character. To add to that, whatever wisdom God graciously reveals to me, I eagerly desire to share with those around me. This is part of my motivation behind why I wish to become a counselor. I have a deep love for people and if I could be one in their lives to listen, share biblical truth, and help build healthy relationships then that’s exactly what I want to do!