Currently at Teleios Megan is reviewing medical literature evaluating anxiety/ stress and the impact of religion. Teleios will publish these important findings. The Teleios team appreciates her diligent work in Biblical-based research. We are grateful for her warm heart towards God and her lovely personality.

What do you hope to gain from your internship with Teleios?

I was excited to start my internship with Teleios to learn more of what Christian psychologists are doing. I was recently at a conference where all of the psychological presentations were so secular. It was rather discouraging. I realized that with Teleios I had the opportunity to do Christian psychological research to show others that holding to Christian beliefs really does make a difference in how people live and how they interact with others.

A little bit about Megan –

I am a Senior at Covenant College on Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Though I am originally from DeMotte, Indiana, I came to Covenant eager to live in the South! Covenant’s motto is “In all things Christ pre-eminent” and it has been so wonderful getting my degree in psychology with Christ as the foundation throughout every class I have taken. I hope to someday get my Master’s in Counseling, though it may be a few years before I go to grad school. With graduation from Covenant looming closer every day, I am relieved to know a little bit more about what the next step in my life looks like. In September I will be moving to Macon, Georgia for nine months to be a part of the Fellows Program hosted by First Presbyterian Church in the downtown of the city. I really love people and I know that whatever I do in my life, my psychology degree will be useful and I hope I can serve God more fully because of it.