Teleios, Inc. is a private foundation founded in 2002 that seeks to demonstrate the truth of the Christian faith through the scientific method to provide evidence for the positive results of a Biblically-based lifestyle.

Teleios promotes God’s Word through human research:

  1. Review of Scientific Publications – We review past and current psychological and medical peer-reviewed literature to evaluate the influence of religion on mental and physical health. These reviews are submitted to peer-reviewed journals for publication.
  2. Prospective Clinical Research – Teleios sponsors human research to examine culturally relevant questions which could be positively influenced by Biblical teachings. We conduct research as cross-sectional surveys or prospective, well-controlled, randomized, blinded trials in healthy populations. Our results are submitted to peer-reviewed journals for publication.
  3. Historical Analysis – We use both historical and modern narratives to demonstrate Christianity’s benefits to society including: underlying foundation of American constitutional rights, basis of ethical government, civil obedience, quality of society, and poverty assistance.