Teleios, Inc. is a private foundation that seeks to demonstrate the truth of the Christian faith through the scientific method to provide evidence for the positive results of a Biblically-based lifestyle. We are joyfully convinced that the Bible is authoritative, that it’s true and that it works practice.

Teleios Research – Exciting Results!

We discovered, through a series of planned research studies and medical literature reviews, that adherence to the Christian faith (confidence in salvation by faith alone as well as ongoing prayer, fellowship, service, obtaining biblical knowledge and praise) greatly enhances well-being in both healthy individuals and those afflicted by sickness.

Further, our research has demonstrated that the greater adherence to Christian principles that promote wise living, the greater the effects on wellbeing. We invite you to explore and download the results of individual studies (Publications).

Hear Dr. Stewart describe the results of one published study showing enhanced wellbeing by adhering to Biblical principles…

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Become a Christian – It’s Simple!

Becoming a Christian is simply to believe that through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ you receive forgiveness of your sins (wrongdoings). It is by faith alone, free, no work required! (Ephesians 2:7-10; Romans 3:21-26; Romans 10:9-11).

Christ’s sacrifice ensures that we are not separated from God. As a result Christians can pray with confidence and be assured of salvation! This is because God views a Christian as without fault because of the forgiveness offered by Christ’s death on the cross.

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