Teleios Research Explores Online Resources for the Bible

Teleios Research recently surveyed adolescents and millennials regarding online/digital resources for the Bible. The survey was promoted on the Christian Instagram accounts, InstaPray and GodsHolyScriptures. Of the 105 participants the majority were: female (66%), <35 years old (71%), from the United States (56%), and evangelical (77%).

When asked what online/electronic resources are used for Bible study, the most popular responses were: an online devotional (32%), stream a Christian pastor/speaker (32%), and Bible reading plan (31%).

When asked what online resources are used to answer your questions about the Bible, the most popular responses were: search engine (46%), Bible study sites or software (44%), and email/text a mentor (25%).

For biblical inspiration respondents chose: Instagram (63%), a Bible app (60%), and YouTube (30%). Instagram was also among the top choices for source of fellowship and praise.

Despite all of the online sources available to us, 63% still use a paper Bible!

The study suggests that adolescents and young adult Christians depend on online/digital resources for Bible study and inspiration. Caution should be taken in the validity of these sources for scriptural accuracy. It is encouraging that the majority of respondents still rely on a paper Bible as their primary source.

All the findings of the survey can be found here.

WC Stewart, JA Stewart, LA Nelson

About Teleios – Teleios is a non-profit foundation that seeks to demonstrate the truth of scripture and the Christian faith through scientific methods by providing evidence for the positive results of a biblically-based lifestyle. Prior studies conducted by Teleios have shown that the practice of the Christian faith (praise, prayer, fellowship, service and Bible study) and security of salvation increases well-being while reducing guilt.