Pastors Viewes on Church Life and Wellbeing – Summary

Purpose: To survey pastors on church activities that might contribute to well-being.  Methods: Pastors were surveyed regarding: teaching/worship; service outside church; and communication within church. The questions were developed from Scriptural references to spiritually or service encouraged church activities.  Results: There were 105/976 (11%) responses. Pastors indicated teaching/worship, educational and small group meetings all positively affected well-being of attendees. The most positive aspects of teaching/worship activities were praise, prayer, sermons and baptismal services and were the highest rated of all assessed church activities. For service outside the church the activities were positive for church life with teaching the gospel/Bible. For church administration issues and communication patterns the highest rated response were the attendees’ relationship with the pastors, but also along with other church leaders and associate pastors.  Conclusions: A variety of activities inside the church, but especially the spiritual aspects associated with church attendance, may contribute to well-being of members.