The Gospel – ’Sorry, I cannot quite interpret your life!’
Beliefs for salvation, ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’
What is the Gospel?
Are there unbelievers in the church?
What is a tare and why is that a big deal?
Wow, what a great salvation!
How to help a tare
How to help the non-believer
Why are tares important?
So who are tares?
So what exactly is the Gospel, anyway?
So what exactly does it mean to share the Gospel?
Sharing the Gospel? Do I look Baptist?
Scripture that can impact our wellbeing!
What do Christian believe about salvation?
Do believers need to make Jesus their Lord as part of salvation?
Do millennials know the gospel?
Saved by grace is a powerful tool for confident living
Differences in beliefs in Catholic and Protestant evangelicals
Sharing the gospel boosts wellbeing!
Explaining the gospel and wellbeing among Christian evangelicals