Security Survey – Summary

Teleios Research recently evaluated adolescents and millennials regarding their understanding of security of salvation. The survey was promoted on the Christian Instagram accounts, InstaPray and GodsHolyScriptures. Of the 215 participants the majority were: female (59%), <35 years old (78%), from the United States (64%), and evangelical (71%).

Participants most frequently indicated they were sure of their biblically based salvation because they were: legally justified by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross (63%), God’s possession (60%), adopted into God’s family (53%), and regenerated into a new person (54%). Further, 54% noted that salvation could not be reversed.

Participants also stated that the presence of guilt does not imply a loss of salvation because a person is saved by faith alone and is secure (64%). However, despite believers’ guilt not being mentioned in the Bible, some respondents noted such a feeling might indicate God’s displeasure (30%) without salvation being at risk.

Participants expressed when they have a problem with sin the best course of action is to: acknowledge their sin, realize they are forgiven, thank God, and prayerfully and faithfully obey (85%); or, despite being forgiven by faith in Christ’s death, ask God for forgiveness every time they sin (78%).

In total, 86% indicated that they were saved by faith alone in Christ’s death on the cross and 43%, believing scriptural injunctions, said nothing could cause their salvation to be lost. However, despite lack of clear biblical evidence, 49% said they could lose their salvation by not endeavoring to make Jesus Lord of their life.

Summary: This study indicates that young Christians who identify as evangelicals overwhelmingly believe they are saved by grace. However, depending on the question, between 25 and 50% of respondents failed to express that their salvation was secure by faith alone in Christ’s sacrificial death.

All the findings of the survey can be found here.

WC Stewart, JA Stewart, LA Nelson