Share Gospel Survey Explanation

Thank you for taking the Teleios survey over sharing the gospel. We received 239 responses. The full survey results can be found here. Scriptural answers are limited on this survey as many answers are personal preference.

The Bible tells us to be prepared and then about actively sharing the gospel in several key verses (Matthew 28:19-20; II Timothy 2:22-25; I Peter 3:15).

Is it important you actually verbalize the Gospel? Is simply living a pure life or praying for others sufficient?

The Bible indicates (Romans 10:13-15) that someone has to actually hear the words of the Gospel to understand salvation. Further, the apostle Paul noted (I Thessalonians 2:9-10) that although he worked day and night to live a blameless life in front of the Thessalonians, he still verbally spoke the Gospel to them. In other words, non-verbal efforts, although important, will not bring somebody to belief. A non-Christian needs to hear the specific Gospel message.

Is sharing the Gospel message to be feared? In a humanist society where Christians often are demonized as judgmental, and our adversaries claim they are more loving because they accept all religions (except Christianity), we often feel ashamed.

Yet if our God is the God of the Bible, He has given us His power and truth to salvation and for daily living. We have a wonderful message to give our colleagues, family and friends. We are correct and society is wrong! Therefore, we should be confident in sharing these truths in a patient and loving manner (II Timothy 2:24-25).

As a physician, if I knew the truth about someone’s life-threatening medical condition and also knew how to cure it, would I withhold disclosing the diagnosis in case my patient found it offensive or didn’t believe me?  If so, I would be a terrible doctor! We have the truth which we can help others. Our society needs the truth of the Gospel!

We have a great hope that others need to hear. Please visit my prior blog links on tips in easily and fearlessly sharing the gospel to others.

Here is an easy 4 step Gospel plan. Learn this and it well help you lead others to Christ.

  • Man sinned
  • God is just, requiring a punishment for sin
  • But out of love God sent His Son, Jesus Christ who by dying on the cross, provided forgiveness of sins in taking man’s deserved punishment
  • Therefore, in accepting, by faith alone, Christ’s gracious sacrifice for forgiveness of sins, man can gain eternal life