Society Survey Summary – Benefits to Christian Society

Teleios conducted a survey regarding the benefits of Christian society on an Instagram account frequented by Christian adolescents and millennials. There were 565 responses. The majority of responders were: female (78%), < 35 years (67%), primarily from the United States (60%) or Europe (13%) and primarily evangelical (88%).

A slight plurality (46%) believed they were living in a Christian based society versus secular (45%). Respondents noted advantages to living in a Christian society, compared to any other type of society (41%) and compared only to a secular society (18%). Participants indicated the top 3 potential advantages of a Christian society were a stronger moral (82%) and ethical base (71%) as well as greater love among people (75%).

The advantages noted of a Christian society in relation to government, the top three responses were: recognizing the primary biblical role of government to keep order in society (60%); maintaining individual rights, especially freedom of religion and expression (56%); and reducing corruption (54%).

In contrast, the greatest potential disadvantage of a Christian society was Christians becoming too complacent with power and forgetting the love of Christ (64%). Participants believed most often Christians could help maintain a balance between preserving freedom and avoiding religious despotism by assuring that the church and individuals are teaching the word of God (60%).