Study Scripture Survey Summary

Teleios, Inc. conducted a survey regarding what techniques people use to study scripture. The survey was promoted on Christian Instagram accounts frequented by adolescents and millennials. Of the 455 respondents the majority were: female (75%), <34 years old (80%), from the United States (53%), and evangelical (79%).

Participants noted they most frequently study scripture by: reading down the text (60%), using a devotional (52%), searching for verses about a particular topic (50%) and learning from what they hear around their church and/or from friends (45%).

In contrast, fewer used more in-depth Bible study techniques such as’

  • Scriptural word search (21%)
  • Verse by verse study using an inductive method (20%)
  • Online software or website (such as e-Sword) (11%)
  • Studying a theology book (9%)
  • Utilizing a Greek or Hebrew word dictionary (6%)
  • Studying directly from the Greek or Hebrew text (2%)When asked what educational settings they use to study scripture the most common responses were: personal scripture study (80%), what they hear around their church and/or from friends (42%), a small group Bible study (36%), or streaming their pastor’s sermons (34%).

Respondents reported generally good wellbeing averaging 4.6 [on a scale of 0 (worse) to 6 (best)]. However, significantly better wellbeing (P<0.001) was scored by those who believed ‘Bible study is important to Christian life’ and ‘To live a fruitful and satisfying Christian life, one should go deeply in learning the Bible’.

This survey indicates that young evangelicals appear to use mostly superficial techniques to study scripture, however, those who most believe that scripture should be studied deeply, and is important for living a godly life, noted better wellbeing.