Teleios Press Releases

November 13, 2018       Teleios Research Evaluates Opinions About the Israel-Palestine Conflict

October 17, 2018            Teleios Research Explores What Young Believers Say About Fellowship

October 02, 2018            Teleios Research Evaluates Praise in Young Christians

September 12, 2018        Teleios Research Surveys Young Christians About Security of Salvation

August 21, 2018               Teleios Research Surveys Young Christians About Prayer

August 14, 2018               Teleios Research Estimates Government Aid to Persecuted Countries

August 08, 2018               Teleios Research Evaluates Christian News Articles and Their Calls to Social Action

August 07, 2018               Teleios Research Surveys Young Evangelicals About Teaching the Bible

June 20, 2018                    Teleios Research Explores if Biblical Principles Taught in Christian Counselling Programs

June 19, 2018                    Teleios Research Searches for The Gospel Online!

June 12, 2018                    Teleios Research evaluates the influence of freedom in wealthy countries

June 06, 2018                    Techniques Most Often Used To Study Scripture

May 24, 2018                    Views of young Christians about faith and politics

May 16, 2018                    Teleios Research Surveys What Young Christians Think About Society

May 08, 2018                    The Christian College Experience

May 02, 2018                    How young believers view Christian counseling

April 24, 2018                   What do young evangelicals believe about the future?

March 19, 2018                Are there benefits to a Christian society?

January 16, 2018              Christians Have Better Personal Wellbeing than Non-Christians

September 12, 2017        What’s the impact of education choice on young Christians?

August 22, 2017               Teleios finds young Christians confident in the Bible but need help sharing the gospel

August 17, 2017               Teleios Research Confirms Religion Can Help Depression

August 10, 2017               Differences in beliefs in Catholic and Protestant evangelicals

August 03, 2017               Young Christians Beliefs Regarding the Influence of the Holy Spirit

June 15, 2017                    The Influence of Church on Wellbeing in Adolescents and Millennials

April 27, 2017                   How do Millennial Christians Make Decisions?

March 16, 2017                Does Knowing the Gospel Influence Your Well-being