The ‘Tellie’ (Teleios Real Life Award) recognizes outstanding Christian individuals demonstrating the values of an obedient biblical lifestyle.

Why the Tellie?

Teleios believes people responsible for jobs, families and churches, who commit day after day to excellence for the people and institutions for whom they care, deserve celebration!

Celebrities and journalists, who often disdain the Christian culture and values, frequently celebrate themselves with award ceremonies.

Here’s your chance to nominate a true hero for recognition and a well-deserved award!

Help us find a worthy recipient for the Tellie Award. Recognize someone you know who deserves public commendation and praise.


Who to nominate?

Any lay person who provides a dynamic example in promoting a healthy Christian culture, and whose efforts deliver a positive and lasting impact on others in their community. Honor a hardworking godly friend or family member that has benefited others.

How to nominate?

Simply complete the Tellie Award Nomination Form (below). Each nominee will require two recommendations. If you are nominating someone you must tell someone else to recommend them too. Nominations will be reviewed by Teleios and decisions are final.



All nominations must be received by June 01, 2018.


The award recipient will be notified by Teleios by June 05, 2018, and announced on June 11, 2018.

What is the award?

One winner will receive a $500 gift card or donation to their charity of choice (designated charity must not conflict with the biblical goals of Teleios) and we will excitedly feature the winner (named or unnamed as requested by nominee) on our website and social media.



If you have any questions or require guidance in the preparation of the nomination, please contact us or fill the form to nominate:

* Must be 18 years of age or older to be nominated
Provide a brief description (<200 words) of the nominee’s significant contributions in the areas of leadership, that demonstrates his or her meriting this award.