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Top 10 power-packed, life changing findings from Teleios in 2015!

Here are 10 important research findings demonstrating how
your faith in Jesus can improve your wellbeing!


1. Reduce your Anxiety

Christianity, religious training, faith, prayer, fellowship and worship were associated with reduced anxiety or stress.

2. Christianity Helps Wellbeing

Christianity improves general wellbeing, socialization, purpose, satisfaction, hope and ability to forgive. It also benefits specific areas of life such as family, career and socialization.



3. Marriage Benefits

There is a strong benefit of traditional marriage on general wellbeing and specific measures of wellbeing including: physical/mental health, sexual satisfaction, family income and the happiness of children. There appears to be a progressively enhanced wellbeing the stronger the relationship commitment.

4. Scripture Improves your Health

There is overwhelming evidence that Scriptural exhortations enhance wellbeing and physical health. This is especially true with church attendance or fellowship. Church attendance also lessens depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping and family problems.

5. Knowing Scripture has Perks

Growing scientific evidence suggests that adhering to at least three key exhortations in Scripture (church attendance, Biblical knowledge and service) leads to greater emotional and physical wellbeing.


6. Bible Study Improves Wellbeing

Studying the Bible directly, and Bible study method instruction, improves wellbeing, confidence, ability to study the Bible, and Biblical knowledge.


7. Christianity Important to College Students

College students most commonly identify health, close relationships with family, friends and God, as well as satisfaction with career goals, as positive sources of wellbeing. Further, about half are willing to pursue more Biblical knowledge to increase wellbeing.


8. Christianity Helps College Students

Evangelical Christians show higher levels of spirituality, acceptance by God and purpose, and those who also identify as ‘saved by grace’ demonstrate greater wellbeing.


9. Have Less Guilt!

Christians who adhere to Christian practice and beliefs more likely demonstrate improved wellbeing and less guilt.

10. Biblical Qualities Improve Wellbeing

Forgiveness, gratitude, hope and empathy improve wellbeing. These qualities more specifically improve relationships, delinquent behavior and physical health.


Do you like what you have read here? Stay tuned! Teleios will continue to provide impactful evidence of the power of Christianity on your wellbeing.

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