University Survey Summary

Teleios, Inc. conducted a survey regarding college experiences on Christian and secular Instagram accounts frequented by adolescents and millennials. Of the 149 respondents the majority were: <34 years old (95%), from the United States (36%), and evangelical (67%).

About two-thirds of respondents indicated they had attended a private or public secular university. Participants noted they had been free to speak their opinion and act as desired on campus (4.6 and 4.2, respectively; on a scale of 0 [worse] to 6 [best]). Respondents indicated the greatest advantages from their college experience were the excellent academics and preparation for post-graduate life (62% and 48% respectively).

The biggest disadvantages noted were the restricted exposure to bible-based coursework (43%) as well as limited exposure to opportunities for Bible teaching and outreach either through local churches or on Christian campus groups (29% each).

Respondents reported generally good wellbeing averaging 4.4 (on a scale of 0 [worse] to 6 [best]) and attended church on average at least once a week (62%). However, those who studied the Bible at least a few times per week reported better wellbeing (P= 0.038) than those who studied less frequently. Also, those who felt unrestricted in their ability to act as they desired on campus noted better wellbeing (P = 0.001).

In summary, young Christians overall noted a positive college experience. They indicated generally that they were free to express and act according to their beliefs. In contrast, they expressed the biggest disadvantage to their experience was the lack of solid biblical teaching on and around campus. Accordingly, those participants who studied the Bible more reported better wellbeing.