Our Mission – Showing the Bible at Work!

Teleios uses scientific research methods to prove the goodness of the Bible and how it helps people. Teleios also conducts scientific surveys to provide glimpses into current Christian thinking on a variety of interesting topics.

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Teleios research has shown through a series of prospectively planned studies, surveys and medical literature reviews that adherence to the Christian faith can enhance wellbeing in both healthy individuals and those afflicted by sickness. Teleios research has demonstrated how the Bible can improve wellbeing by:



Teleios presents many amazing trends demonstrating the wonderful advantages of a Christian lifestyle! Our research convincingly shows Christian values and adherence to biblical principles improve personal wellbeing in areas such as marriage and dating, conversation, and dealing with guilt.




Teleios has examined many facets of spiritual wellbeing and shows that confidence in salvation, church involvement, good church leadership and adhering to biblical principles positively impacts your wellbeing.




Teleios has collected and summarized current opinions in youth and millennials.  We display compelling data views on topics such as the purpose of marriage, the role of the Holy Spirit, and explaining the gospel.




Teleios assesses how Christianity can positively impact a patient’s health! We have studied patients suffering from many diseases (e.g., glaucoma, diabetes, cardiovascular indications, depression, etc.) to see how faith can definitely influence coping and treatment.



Do you like what you have read here? Stay tuned! Teleios will continue to provide impactful evidence of the power of Christianity. New data added weekly!