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CONDUCT – The positive impact of our faith!

Review of the effect of religion on anxiety

Current views about baptism

 Do you understand the gospel?

What do we know about salvation?

What influences wellbeing in college?

 Wellbeing rankings in college students

Religious & social influences in college students

The role of the Holy Spirit

What do you know about the Old Testament

What is God’s main purpose of marriage?

   How God Leads

What did you learn from your father?

Opinions about Christian counseling

SPIRITUAL LIFE - The great benefits of church life!

A biblical theology & pastor survey on church leadership

Church leadership & wellbeig

Influence of church on wellbeing

Religious adherence & quality of life

Community service & personal wellbeing

Pastors' attitudes towards Biblical exhortations

Pastor tensions with the Christian message & society

Church life may contribute to wellbeing

Saved by grace is a powerful tool for our lives!

BELIEFS - The benefits of the Christian walk!

Review of the benefits of Christianity

The effect of Bible study on wellbeing

 Religion and wellness studies

Religion and wellness studies

How do Christians make decisions?

The influence of guilt on wellbeing

The gospel & wellbeing among Christians

Benefit of marriage

Parameters that enhance wellbeing in daily life

Biblical explanation of tithing

Young Christians need help sharing the gospel

Are we properly educating our young Christians

Are we living a holy life?

How do you study the Bible?

Purpose of Biblical Speech

Christian vs. Non-Christian Wellbeing

Dating Practices of Christians

Faith & Politics

 Christian vs. secular worldview

PATIENTS - Your health benefits from Christianity!

Does religious adherence help diabetes?

Religious adherence and glaucoma

Influence of religion on depression

Church vs. meditation on wellbeing

Physician religion

Review of clinical medicine & religious practice

Latest Press Releases

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Recent Impactful Survey Results

Israel-Palestine Survey

Fellowship Survey

Praise Survey

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How God leads

Don’t feel guilty

Victory Vignettes

Interviews with Christians making an impact!

CRU: Know, Grow and Go

Uncharted: What are you doing at 8:38pm?

DTS: Let's go on a road trip!

Integrative Counseling & Wellness Group: Faith and wellbeing

Christian Persecution: Christian Freedom International

The gospel - How to become a Christian

 4 simple life giving steps
  1. Man sinned.
  2. God is just, requiring a punishment for sin.
  3. But out of love God sent His Son, Jesus Christ who by dying on the cross, provided forgiveness of sins in taking man’s deserved punishment.
  4. Therefore, by faith alone in Christ’s sacrifice for our sins and belief in His resurrection, man can gain eternal life.
 (Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 10:9-10, and Romans 3:21-26)

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