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Teleios research has shown through a series of prospectively planned studies, surveys and medical literature reviews that adherence to the Christian faith can enhance wellbeing in both healthy individuals and those afflicted by sickness. Teleios research has demonstrated how the Bible can improve wellbeing by:


  • Christian vs. Non-Christian Wellbeing - Christian wellbeing is better, and supported by more contentment, peacefulness and joy! Data
  • Dating Practices of Christians - There is uncertainty if God’s will can be fulfilled by dating a non-believer. Data
  • Purpose of Biblical Speech - Very few use speech to meet needs of other people. Data
  • Bible Study Habits - There is inconsistency between beliefs and actions concerning Bible study. Explanation
  • How Christians Can Fight Sin - There is confusion in salvation, eternal security and how to handle sin. Explanation
  • Sharing the Gospel - Young Christians do not share the gospel out of fear or lack of knowledge. Explanation
  • Tithing Today - We explore tithing practices in today’s culture. Explanation
  • How Christians Make Decisions - Those who use the Bible in their decision-making enjoy better wellbeing! Infographic
  • Sharing the Gospel Boosts Wellbeing - Our research reveals that Christians gain good feelings from explaining the Gospel! Infographic
  • Have Less Guilt! - Christians who adhere to a biblical lifestyle more likely have improved wellbeing and less guilt. Infographic
  • Bible Study Improves Wellbeing - Studying the Bible directly, and Bible study method instruction, improves wellbeing & confidence. Infographic
  • Marriage Benefits - Traditional marriage benefits wellbeing, physical/mental health, sexual satisfaction, income & happiness of children. Infographic
  • Christianity Helps Wellbeing - Christianity improves general wellbeing, socialization, purpose, satisfaction, hope & ability to forgive. Infographic
  • Biblical Qualities Improve Wellbeing - Forgiveness, gratitude, hope & empathy improve wellbeing. Infographic | Publication
  • Apologetic Significance of Religion & Wellness Studies - Adhering to scripture, church attendance, biblical knowledge & service increases wellbeing. Data
  • Apologetic Value of Religion & Wellness Studies - Christian faith is associated with human health and wellness. Publication


  • Educating Christians – Most Christians are attending public schools. Data
  • The Gospel and Wellbeing – Those who knew the gospel were more adherent and secure, had greater wellbeing and less guilt! Infographic
  • Millennials and the Gospel - Young, evangelical churchgoers do not clearly understand their salvation. Infographic
  • Church and Wellbeing in Youth - Prayer, spiritual growth, praise & worship in church help young attendees’ wellbeing. Infographic
  • Scripture Improves your Health – Scripture enhances wellbeing and physical health. This is especially true with church attendance or fellowship. Infographic
  • Knowing Scripture has Perks – Adhering to several key exhortations in scripture leads to greater emotional and physical wellbeing. Infographic
  • Pastors and Church Leadership – Local church elder boards are integral to the spiritual and administrative functions of the church. Infographic 
  • Church Members and Wellbeing – Evangelical church congregants have greater self-perceived wellbeing. Infographic
  • Pastors Attitudes Towards Biblical Precepts – Pastors trained in seminaries continue to uphold biblical principles. Infographic
  • Pastor’s Role in Society – In today’s culture pastors face negative societal pressures. Infographic
  • Church-Based Activities - Church activities, and especially those spiritually-based, may improve attendee’s wellbeing. Infographic


  • God’s Main Purpose of Marriage – Majority do not identify the purpose as a representation of Christ and the church. Data
  • Biblical Interpretation – Only half of youth and millennials can properly interpret the Old Testament. Data
  • Role of the Holy Spirit - Opinions vary widely about the role of the Spirit, from traditional orthodox to charismatic beliefs. Data
  • Baptism Today – Most believe baptism is by immersion not sprinkling. Data
  • Understanding the Gospel – Most believe in lordship salvation. Data
  • Beliefs for Salvation – Most know they are saved by grace, but many believe in other non-biblical requirements. Data
  • Reduce your Anxiety – Christianity, religious training, faith, prayer, fellowship and worship are associated with reduced anxiety or stress. Infographic
  • Be Secure in Your Faith – Confidence in the gospel and living a Biblical lifestyle improved wellbeing in evangelical college students. Infographic
  • Christianity Helps Students – Evangelical students with higher levels of spirituality demonstrate greater wellbeing. Infographic
  • Christianity Important to Students – College students identify health, close relationships with family, friends and God as positive sources of wellbeing. Infographic


  • Religious Adherence in Patients – How practicing Christianity helps diabetic and glaucoma patients. Infographic | Infographic
  • Church Attendance vs. Meditation – Both church attendance and meditation can improve your wellbeing, but church also helps in socialization. Infographic
  • Religion and Medicine – Spiritual interaction may benefit the patient by providing comfort, greater treatment adherence and quality of life. Publication
  • God in the Exam Room – Patients who discuss religion with their physician have better coping, treatment adherence and wellbeing. Publication
  • Religion and Depression - Religion and spirituality might help patients diagnosed with depression. Data

Do you like what you have read here? Stay tuned! Teleios will continue to provide impactful evidence of the power of Christianity. New data added weekly!

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How to become a Christian

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  1. Each person has done misdeeds (sin) that deserve punishment from a perfect and just God.
  2. However, God being loving, sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins on the cross to take the punishment we deserve.
  3. Consequently, when we accept, through faith alone, the forgiveness that Christ provided by his death and resurrection, we receive a permanent relationship with God and eternal life!
 (Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 10:9-10, and Romans 3:21-26)

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