Teleios Research evaluates Christian news articles and their calls to social action

The study evaluated Christian news articles to determine actual or proposed methods of social issue resolution. The articles were identified from common online sites posting Christian news (Breaking Christian News, Charisma News, Christian Broadcasting Network, Christian Post, Christian Times, Christianity Today, LifeSiteNews and Newsmax). The sites were reviewed between January-June 2018.

This study found 44 articles that reported a recent effort or future call for Christians to resolve a social problem.

In 25 instances the issue resolution was a faith-based call to action which included generally: an individual response (n=14), prayer (n=7) or church-based action (n=4).

In contrast, in 19 instances there was a call for the government or the United Nations to resolve a problem including: suggestions for legal, legislative or regulatory action (n=10); or urging the government to act by individual, or groups of Christians (n=9). In two instances a spiritual based response(s) was also included (prayer twice and church planting once).

The study showed that in most instances when Christian based social issues arise, church leaders usually will promote a faith-based response. However, Christians often also seek the government, courts or an international global body to enforce change. When this route is suggested less consideration is given to a public spiritual response.

These results may suggest that Christians generally encourage faith-based responses to social issues. However, when Christians perceive government action is needed they may be less inclined to encourage a faith-based response.

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