Spreading the Gospel Survey

The results of the survey are encouraging (!) because it demonstrates a young population of ardent evangelicals who believe that the Bible is true and that the gospel should be shared. YAY!

However, scripture indicates that for people to believe they explicitly must hear the gospel message (Romans 10:14-17). Otherwise, people are unable to interpret our love and lifestyle as knowing how to accept Jesus Christ. It takes a succinct verbal of the gospel expression for people to understand and believe such as below:

  • Each person has done misdeeds (sin) that deserve punishment from a perfect and just God.
  • However, God being loving, sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins on the cross to take the punishment we deserve.
  • Consequently, when we simply accept, through faith alone, the forgiveness that Christ provided by his death on the cross, we receive a permanent relationship with God and eternal life!     
  • (Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 10:9-10, and Romans 3:21-26).
To the participants’ viewpoint about lifestyle example, however, believers’ lives must be framed in godliness (I Thessalonians 2:1-12) to be an effective witness for Christ. But that model life would be wasted if we do not tell others how to become Christians.

For example, if your teacher stood before class and said nothing, while living a good quiet life and then handed out a test, and you failed because you didn’t know the information, you would rightly shout “Unfair. No one taught us!” Same with the gospel, our lifestyle alone doesn’t teach what God intended; we need to say it.

Another vital point from the survey, believers saved by grace through Christ should not feel guilt. Those forgiven have no reason for guilt and there is no injunction in the Bible to suffer with it. So stop it!!!

At Teleios we believe the Bible is true instruction to salvation and healthy lives. What we offer to society is correct and true. It is far superior to what the world offers through globalism, humanism, communism and statism which cannot match the glory and the benefits from our blessed Savior. We should not recoil from the world but realize what we have is good for our family, friends and society.

Thanks for taking this survey! I hope this response has been helpful. Please visit the Teleios website for more results of Teleios research, proving the Bible’s truth http://teleiosresearch.com/. Check out our new positive Christian news section, updated throughout the day – get encouraged!

Data – There were 457 responses.