What drives us at Teleios?

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We are starting a new series today on discovering exciting research findings from Teleios! However, before we begin this vital series I want to review briefly what pushes us at Teleios to explore the veracity of scripture.

My wonderful wife, Jeanette, and I have had the privilege over many years to teach the scriptures to college-age students and young adults. Interestingly, what we observed during these studies motivated us to demonstrate the exciting practical value of scripture. Below, I summarize our observations. I will discuss the research findings supporting many of the statements in subsequent blogs.

Our observations, in general:

·       Christians who are young in their faith almost always say they believe in the truth scripture (yay!).

·       Upon further discussion, they admit need to know more (we all do and therefore, we do the Bible study!).

·       Consequently, they usually base their decision-making upon precepts learned: in church or college groups, social Christian settings, or from their church denomination.

·       Accordingly, they lack confidence in direct knowledge of God’s word.

·       They therefore do not test God’s word in their lives resulting in a failure to build confidence in His precepts.

·       Further, they suffer with a nagging doubt, that if they really faced a crisis, their scriptural knowledge could not supply an answer. This challenge often presents in one or two forms: facing an emotional crisis themselves or with a friend; or speaking with a non-believer about the Gospel.

·       Consequently, the temptation exists, because of their insecurities about scripture, to avoid confronting internal or external spiritual conflicts and to simply survive within the social church setting.

·       And of course, there is the minority (16-20%) that want to do what they want to do, regardless of God’s Word!

It is like a security guard at the local shopping mall who might enjoy the comfortable job among the nice orderly shoppers. However, he knows deep inside he should learn how to fight in case a crisis ever occurred at the mall, such as armed robbers. But he doesn’t, knowing that he could run away if a crisis ever came. Consequently, he has no opportunity to ever gain confidence in fighting techniques or his own abilities.

So it is with many Christians in what I call the ‘cycle of failure’ (see below). They enjoy the social Christian setting and so do not learn God’s word. Therefore, they really never gain confidence in their biblical knowledge. Accordingly, they never test themselves or obtain a deep confidence in the Bible’s value for daily life.

The figure describes the ‘Cycle of Failure’ of those who do not learn or test God’s word, not building the confidence to act based on its precepts. Consequently, they never knowing its full power.

God has granted us a sure and quality Bible text upon which we can base not only yur great salvation, but guidance for our lives! The Bible tells us to test God’s Word to build confidence (Romans 12:2; Greek word ‘dokimazo’) and utilize its power to live our lives with surety and maturity (Ephesians 6:17, Hebrews 5:14).

Thanks for reading my blog, Please join us as we explore in the next few weeks the compelling findings from Teleios research that demonstrates the overwhelming power of the Bible to salvation and living a fruitful life.

WC Stewart

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